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Holdener Testimonial"I chose the Master of Liberal Studies program at Indiana University Southeast for its flexibility in coursework and academic emphasis. I treasure the program for forcing me to stretch my notions of my own abilities and ways to understand issues." - Mark Holdener

Student Responses to the question: What do you like most about the MLS program?

  • "Flexibility, being able to guide my own course of studyThe teaching is simply excellent."
  • "The classes are interesting and I enjoy coming to them."
  • "I like the interdisciplinary nature of the program. I have enjoyed most of my seminars, which have given me a viewpoint that I may not have considered. The classes have been flexible as well, fitting in to an adult student's lifestyle. For the most part, the classes have been taught by some outstanding professors. I have enjoyed my time as a MLS student."
  • "I appreciate the numerous seminar/class offerings and the diversity of other students in class."
  • "Quality people I have met -- professors and students alike, and the intellectual stimulation."
  • "The seminars are the first classes that I really got a 'kick' out of. I enjoy looking at the discussion from many points of view - where all that are participating have a background that strengthens the discussions."
  • "The teachers are very encouraging and they believe in their students just by their actions."
  • "The opportunity to tailor your discipline to your interests."
  • "Intellectual challenge and the strong support of the faculty."
  • "I enjoyed meeting in the seminars regardless of the area of study. I feel that students learn more in with multiple specialty views of a subject."
  • "The brilliant professors I've encountered over 27 hours of coursework."
  • "I like the fact that I get a broad knowledge from the 3 seminars, and that I get to design my own program based on my personal interests."
  • "Flexibility to study and interact within multiple disciplines, i.e., geography and music and economics."
  • "I liked the inter-disciplinary nature of the program and the quality of the teaching."
  • "The way it was structured. One day a week during the week. Geared towards working adults not young college students that lived at home and don't work."
  • "I like that I make it my own."
  • "That it is Interdisciplinary, excellent faculty support, self-direction in curriculum design (within required parameters)."
  • "The quality or the faculty, the interesting coursework and the approach of treating students in a master’s program as mature adults with a base of intellectual knowledge already established."
  • "The caring faculty and professors."
  • "Very open to new ideas; receptive to change; wonderful encouragement from the faculty to expand one's knowledge beyond the immediate environment and to understand how our actions affect us not only locally, but globally. The MLS program provides the necessary stimulus to challenge current societal policies in the effort to better our society while balancing the need to sustain our resources."
  • "The ability to work on my area of interest while investigating other disciplines."
  • "It is a low-cost quality program close to home that does not interfere with my work schedule."
  • "They encourage personal achievement along with professional development."
  • "It creates well rounded graduates."
  • "Individualized program challenged me intellectually; faculty was extremely supportive; staff always returned my calls and emails promptly; I felt no stress because of unanswered questions."
  • "The drive to incorporate all levels of life and professional experience into the program."
  • "I think the program is well suited for today's professionals, who can hone in expertise in their field as well as acquire new working knowledge outside of their field."
  • "Strong faculty with many shared interests in other disciplines."
  • "Students are able to tailor the program to best meet their educational and intellectual needs."
  • "The MLS program was a very flexible program that was geared towards working adults and parents. The IUS - MLS program allows undergrads to become grads without compromising the precious family/work balance. It is a sensible program and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a goal of pursuing their masters!"
  • "I got to choose my course of study. It wasn't chosen for me."
  • "The ability to choose my own course of study and take an interdisciplinary approach, the convenience of classes, and the on-line courses that are available."
  • "I enjoy interacting and engaging in dialogue with student in the MLS program. The opportunity to read and discuss issues from the perspective of multiple disciplines has made a positive impact on my personal ability to engage with others."
  • "The interdisciplinary nature of the program. It truly caters to interests of students."
  • "I have enjoyed my studies in this program more than any other program that I have been involved. The seminars are delightful even when they are not my cup of tea."
  • "So far I have enjoyed the courses offered as well as the diversity of my fellow MLS students."
  • "Fellow students, seminar topics that are interesting and unusual, the chance to be in an academic setting again."
  • "I enjoy the seminar courses. I feel that the round table based discussions for the class material is very conducive to learning, particularly in gaining diverse insight from other students and faculty on the subject matter. I also enjoy the wide diversity of students both as individuals and as students from various backgrounds. These qualities are what I believe strengthens the program."
  • "The option to design your own degree."
  • "Support of the faculty and fellow students."
  • "Advanced thinking and learning techniques required for graduate level work."
  • "The nature of the study has been the most fun since I started education....I really enjoy interacting with students from different walks of life who can add an expertise to the class, a different perspective."