MIS Policy for Students Returning after Stop-Out
Approved December 2008

If most of the course work for the degree is complete (at most 1 course to take, separate from thesis credits), regardless of whether the coursework was completed, then

  • Develop a one-year completion plan
  • If the coursework is more than 5 years old, then the thesis committee will review each course in the light of the proposed thesis to determine if the coursework is out of date and should be repeated to bring the student up to speed.
  • If a one-year completion plan is not feasible, then the student will be encouraged to start over.

Students who took “some” courses more than 5 years ago will be asked to start over.


One year deadline, with committee input

  1. Student who has completed all coursework and started the thesis, but has reached the end of 5 years without finishing.
  2. Student who has completed all coursework, but now has reached the end of 5 years without starting the thesis.
  3. Student with all coursework complete, only thesis remains, but one course is older than 5 years, and the clock is ticking (every semester that the thesis is delayed means more courses fall out of the 5-year time span).

Determine whether coursework is out of date, develop contract for completion

  1. Student with all course work complete, only thesis remains, but all coursework is 7-10 years old. How do we encourage this student to finish the degree while also ensuring the integrity of the degree?
  2. Student with most of the coursework complete, 1 elective and thesis remain, but all coursework is older than 5 years.

Student must restart program

  1. Student who took a few liberal studies courses more than 5 years ago.


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