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Bio Image Christopher J. Kimmer

Christopher J. Kimmer

Assistant Professor of Informatics
Phone: (812) 941-2009
Office Location: LF 106

Academic Background

Cornell University
Degree: Doctorate
Major: Theoretical Physics
University of Louisville
Degree: Master of Science
Major: Computer Engineering and Computer Science


Chris has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Cornell University and an MS degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Louisville. His undergraduate degree is a BS in Mathematics and Physics from Wake Forest University. Chris has done post-doctoral work in high-performance computing and simulation at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California. Before teaching Informatics courses at IU Southeast, Chris taught physics courses and then computer science courses at the University of Louisville.

Research Interests

My research interests involve using computers in interesting or new ways for scientific research. My most recent work involves using graphics processing units (GPUs) to quickly compute the secondary structure of RNA molecules. This work is in collaboration with researchers at the University of Louisville. I am also interested in developing software to automate scientific simulations and in parallel computing and visualization. In collaboration with researchers at Sandia National Laboratories, I am developing tools to more efficiently model thermal transport in micromechanical systems while visualizing and analyzing the results. I enjoy working with "cheap" computing tools like GPUs and the Microsoft Kinect in order to develop new computational tools.

Teaching Areas or Interests

I am interested in teaching all courses where students learn to develop computers' capabilities in a hands-on fashion. I currently teach introductory (I101) and upper-level Informatics courses using databases (I308) and emphasizing human-computer interaction (I300, I441).


Journal Articles
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