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New Certificate in Information Technology

Open to all students and majors!

The Information Technology Certificate is a 27 credit hour program that can be completed in one year. Requirements of the program can be used to continue toward the Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science degrees.

Upon completing the certificate, students will be capable of understanding, troubleshooting, and managing computing resources as well as software design logistics and programming in one or more computer languages. Read more »

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Why, in a four-year degree institution, is a 27-credit hour Certificate in Information Technology important? The question can be rephrased as to how do we prepare students for the current Computer Information Technology in their specific field of expertise? How do we make technology serve us?

No matter what the major pursued, the student can be empowered by learning how to communicate, interface and interact with the computer in an efficient way. The two computer programming and software engineering courses designed especially for the highly technological market place are at the core of the Information Technology Certificate Program. And with only one more course on Computers in Business, a campus-wide technology course, and some general education courses, this Certificate can be attained.

The two reasons it is better than a Computer Science minor is because it is a stand-alone program and the student does not have to take any Computer Science courses from the four-year-degree program and can still be able to learn basic principles of software engineering.

For more information talk to your academic advisor, visit the Computer Science website, and get certified in Computer Information Technology offered uniquely at Southeast campus of IU. Almost all the courses can be completed with a blend of online, hybrid or F2F giving the student a distinctive educational experience.