School of Natural Sciences

Dr. Doug Darnowski Displays Science and Artistry at IU Southeast

Cyanotype of Aldrovanda Vesiculosa, the Waterwheel Plant

Dr. Douglas Darnowski has an exhibit on display in the first Floor Art Gallery of the IU Southeast Library entitled, “Nature Prints: Another Kind of Ukiyo-e” Japanese art gives us the ukiyo-e or “Images of the Floating World.” These prints of gardens, temples, and other sites and occasions of the world’s fleeting pleasures are famous in East and West, with Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” finding all sorts of uses in the West.

The images in this show by Dr. Doug Darnowski, Associate Professor of Biology, are doubly “Images of the Floating World.” They present fleeting pleasures, like the bright colors of spring pansies depicted using their own pigments, and many also display aquatic creatures, such as carnivorous plants which float in still ponds and whose brief existence brings marvels of natural engineering to the brief summer.