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IU Southeast Field Biology 2013

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IU Southeast Students and Faculty in Jordan.

The Jordan Adventure

On April 24th, 2013, Omar Attum, Beth Rueschhoff, Jon Norman and twelve students departed for Jordan for the Spring 2013 Field Biology class. We arrived in Jordan on April 25th and spent two nights in the capitol city, Amman. While in Jordan, the students explored Amman, the ancient cities of Jerash and Petra and also visited the Jordan River and Bethany, the baptismal site of Jesus. We went on many beautiful hikes, were we saw many different types of animals and wildlife such as fox, reptiles, many different types of birds including the Palestinian Sunbird and we were all lucky enough to see a family of endangered Ibex. We hiked in the Ajloun and Dana Nature Preserves, we rappelled down a waterfall in Wadi Mujib and we swam in the Dead Sea. While taking in the breathtaking views of the Jordanian countryside, our students also assisted the naturalists that work in the reserves to set camera traps at natural and manmade waterholes in an attempt to gather pictures of the animals that use the waterholes. Dr. Attum will use these data to understand the use of the waterholes by carnivores that live in the area, including wolf, hyena and caracal. We finished off our trip by visiting Aqaba where snorkeled and scuba dived on the coral reefs and we enjoyed a restful and rejuvenating soak at the Ma'in Hot Springs. Our time in Jordan is forever stamped our minds and our hearts. We will never forget the beauty of the Jordanian scenery, the amazing variety of animals and plants, but most of all, the kindness and warmth our new Jordanian friends, who enriched our stay in their beautiful country.

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