PHSL-N 213 Human Biology Laboratory (1 cr.)
C: PHSL-P 130. Laboratory with emphasis on human anatomy and physiology.

PHSL-P 130 Human Biology (3 cr.)
Basic concepts in human biology. Covers reproduction and development, physiological regulations, stress biology, and behavioral biology, with emphasis on socially related problems.

PHSL-P 215 Basic Mammalian Physiology (5 cr.)
P: ANAT-A 115, CHEM-C 101 and CHEM-C 102; or permission of instructor. Functional aspects of cells, tissues, organs, and systems in the mammalian organism. Designed for preprofessional students in allied health, nursing, speech and hearing, and HPER.

PHSL-P 416 Comparative Animal Physiology (3 cr.)
P: BIOL-L 211 with grade of C or better. C: PHSL-P 418. Lecture course presenting physiological principles of the respiratory, circulatory, excretory, and related systems in a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate animals.

PHSL-P 418 Lab in Comparative Animal Physiology (2 cr.)
C: PHSL-P 416. Laboratory experiments using a variety of animals to illustrate physiological principles.