PLSC-B 101 Plant Biology (5 cr.)
Fundamental principles of biology as illustrated by plants: characteristics of living matter, nutrition, growth, responses to environment, reproduction, basic principles of heredity. This course will not count toward a biology major.

PLSC-B 364 Summer Flowering Plants (5 cr.)
For those desiring a broad, practical knowledge of common wild and cultivated plants.

PLSC-B 368 Ethnobotany (Plants and Civilization) (3 cr.)
Plants in relation to man, with primary emphasis on food plants.

PLSC-B 370 Plant Physiology (5 cr.)
P: BIOL-L 100, L 101, L 102, PLSC-B 101 or permission of instructor. The physiological process of plants.

PLSC-B 373 Plant Growth and Development. (5 cr.)
P: BIOL-L 101, L 101, L 102, PLSC-B 101 or permission of the instructor. Examination of growth and development of seed plants from embryo to ovule, with emphasis on experimental studies of abnormal growth.

PLSC-B 375 Horticultural Plants: Biotechnology, Physiology, and Development (5 cr.)
P: BIOL-L 100, L 101, L 102, PLSC-B 101, or permission of instructor. This course acquaints students with horticultural plants from developmental, physiological, and biotechnological perspectives, along with concrete practice in various skills used in modern horticulture, such as tissue culture, grafting, electrophoresis, and landscape design. Horticulture is the applied biological science involving the use of ornamental and/or fruiting plants in the landscape and garden.