ZOOL-Z 103 Animal Biology (5 cr.)
Emphasis on interdependence of all living things. Type forms are used to demonstrate general biological principles. Functional aspects of biology, inheritance, development, and evolution and their application to human biology. This course will not count toward a biology major.

ZOOL-Z 373 Entomology (3 cr.)
P: An introductory biology course. C: ZOOL-Z 383. Insects, with emphasis on evolution, distribution, behavior, and structure.

ZOOL-Z 374 Invertebrate Zoology (5 cr.)
P: An introductory biology course. Morphology, embryology, life history, physiology, and general biology of invertebrates.

ZOOL-Z 383 Laboratory in Entomology (2 cr.)
P: ZOOL-Z 373, or C: ZOOL-Z 373. Laboratory and field studies of methods of collecting, preserving, and studying insects, with intensive study of classification. Preparation of insect collection required.

ZOOL-Z 460 Ethology (Animal Behavior) (3 cr.)
P: Introductory couse in biology. Introduction to the zoological study of animal behavior. Emphasizes both internal and external factors involved in the causation of species-typical behavior of animals (protozoa-primates) in their natural environment.

ZOOL-Z 466 Endocrinology (3 cr.)
P: BIOL-L 211 with C or better. Mechanisms of hormone action from the molecular to the organismal level in vertebrates.

ZOOL-Z 468 Limnology (4 cr.)
R: An introductory biology course, general chemistry. Freshwater environments: their physical and chemical processes and the forms of life that inhabit them.

ZOOL-Z 476 Biology of Fishes (3 cr.)
P: 8 credits in zoology or consent of instructor. Laboratory and field studies of fishes.