In addition to the requirements discussed in “General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast” in the Academic Bulletin, the candidate for the B.S. in Biology must complete the following with a grade of C or higher in each course:

List of Major Courses, Including the Biology Core, for B.S. in Biology

  • General Chemistry - two courses w/labs (CHEM-C105/C125 & CHEM-C106/C126), can count as GE Natural Science
  • Organic Chemistry - two courses w/labs (CHEM-C341/C343 & CHEM-C342/C344)
  • Biochemistry - one course (CHEM-C 484)
  • Mathematics - two courses: Calculus (MATH-M215 or M119), can count as GE Quantitative Reasoning, and Statistics (MATH-K300)
  • Physics - two courses w/labs (PHYS-P201 & P202 or PHYS-P221 & P222)
  • Introductory Biology Sequence - two courses w/labs (BIOL-L101 & L102)
  • Molecular Biology - one course (BIOL-L211)
  • Genetics - one course w/lab (BIOL-L311/L319)
  • Cell Biology - one course (BIOL-L312)
  • Developmental Biology - one course w/lab (PLSC-B373, BIOL-L317/Z318, BIOL-L346, or PLSC-B375 with permission)
  • Physiology - one course w/lab (PHSL-P416/P418, PLSC-B370, or PHSL-P215)
  • Ecology - one course w/lab (BIOL-L473/L474, MICR-M420, BIOL-L343, or BIOL-L3031)
  • Evolution - one course w/lab (BIOL-L318)
  • Biology Seminar - one course (BIOL-L403)
  • Organismal Diversity - one course w/lab (PLSC-B364, MICR-M310/M315, or ZOOL-Z373/Z383)
  • Biology Elective(s) (5 or more credit hours, 300–level or above)
  • Electives to bring total to 120 credit hours

1BIOL-L303 is a 3 cr. hr. Field Biology Course.  Additional fees required.

Courses in second semester calculus, as well as individual study in biological research, are recommended depending on the career goals.

Download a PDF version of the BS in Biology Checksheet