Download a PDF version of the AA in Chemistry Checksheet


In addition to the General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast and the Associate of Arts Degree Requirements, the candidate for the AA in Chemistry must complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher in each course:

  • Calculus - one course (MATH-M119 or M215)
  • Biology - one course (BIOL-L100 or L101)
  • Physics - one course w/lab (PHYS-P201 or P221)
  • General Chemistry I & II - two courses w/labs (CHEM-C105/C125 & CHEM-C106/C126)
  • Organic Chemistry I - one course w/lab (CHEM-C341/C343)
  • Organic Chemistry II - one course (CHEM-C342)
  • Chemistry Electives - two courses from the list below
Chemistry Electives
  • CHEM-C303 Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM-C315 Chemical Measurements Lab I
  • CHEM-C317 Equilibria & Electrochemistry
  • CHEM-C318 Spectrochemistry & Separations
  • CHEM-C333 Experimental Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM-C344 Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • CHEM-C361 Physical Chemistry of Bulk Matter
  • CHEM-C362 Physical Chemistry of Molecules
  • CHEM-C364 Intro. to Basic Measurements
  • CHEM-C390 Special Topics in Chemistry (with permission)
  • CHEM-C430 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM-C470 Polymer Chemistry
  • CHEM-C484 Biomolecules & Catabolism
  • CHEM-C485 Biosynthesis & Physiology
  • CHEM-C486 Biochemistry Lab
  • CHEM-C490 Individual Study (with permission)