Download a PDF version of the BA in Chemistry - Traditional Track Checksheet


In addition to the General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast and the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements, the candidate for the BA in Chemistry - Traditional Track must complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher in each core course: 

  • Technical Writing - one course (ENG-W234), can count as GE Written Communications II
  • Calculus - two courses (MATH-M215 & M216), can count as GE Quantitative Reasoning
  • Physics - two courses w/labs (PHYS-P201 & P202 OR PHYS-P221 & P222), can count as GE Natural Science
  • Biology - one course (BIOL-L100 or BIOL-L101)
  • General Chemistry - two courses w/labs (CHEM-C105/C125 & CHEM-C106/C126)
  • Organic Chemistry - two courses w/labs (CHEM-C341/C343 & CHEM-C342/C344)
  • Analytic Chemistry - three courses (CHEM-C315, C317, & C318)
  • Physical Chemistry - one course (CHEM-C361)
  • Chemistry Seminar - one course (CHEM-C301 or C302)

  1. Students who take MATH-M311 and M313 or M303 in addition to the above requirements qualify to receive a Minor in Mathematics.
  2. Students who complete 15 credit hourse in biology with no more than 5 credits at the 100-level and a minimum of 5 credits at the 300-400 level qualify to receive an Associate of Arts in Biology.