Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – American Chemical Society Certified

The Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry are approved by the American Chemical Society.  These degrees are especially recommended for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in chemical sciences, including analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, medicinal, pharmaceutical, polymer, and physical chemistry, as well as those who are interested in pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry.  Students completing this program will receive a certificate from the American Chemistry Society.

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

This program is designed for students who need more flexibility or those who desire to complete a Chemistry degree with the minimum chemistry requirements but rich in other courses of interest.  This program is recommended for students who plan to begin a career in a chemical laboratory immediately after graduation, as well as those who are considering a profession in such areas as politics or chemistry-related law and plan to attend a law school.

Associate of Arts

Chemists develop the molecular understanding of matter and design new materials that are needed for modern technological society.  They are central to efforts to develop a modern health-based society and create solutions to environmental problems. All Chemistry degree curricula emphasize hands-on use of state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation.  The AA in Chemistry serves as a foundation for further education in Chemistry.

Minors in Chemistry

Minors in Chemistry & Environmental Chemistry are offered through the Chemistry Departments at IU Southeast.  Non-Chemistry Majors complete 20-21 credit hours to complete the Chemistry Minor.  The Environmental Chemistry Minor is offered to majors and non-majors and requires 26-27 credit hours to complete.