The science/mathematics option prepares students seeking employment in the technical areas of computer applications or who may pursue a graduate degree in computer science. Within this option, the student may select courses that prepare them for careers in areas such as systems software design and implementation and scientific computing applications.

Curriculum (2013-2015)

Download a PDF version of the Computer Science BS - Science/Mathematics Option

The curriculum listed below is for students entering the program in Fall 2013 or after.  If you entered the program prior to Fall 2013, please consult with your faculty or academic advisor regarding degree requirements.
  1. General Education & General Degree Requirements (See campus requirements)
  2. Written Communications - Second Writing Course (3 cr.)
    • ENG-W 234 or ENG-W 290 (double counts as the General Education Second Writing Course)
  3. Mathematics and Science (34 cr.)
    1. Mathematics (19 cr.)
      • MATH-M 215 (Double counts as the General Education Quantitative Reasoning Course)
      • MATH-M 216
      • MATH-M 303
      • MATH-M 360
      • One approved MATH-M 300 or 400-level course. A mathematics minor may be an option after completing these courses.
    2. Natural and Physical Sciences (15 cr.)
      • Two semester of General Chemistry w/Lab OR two semester of Calculus Based Physics w/Lab (CHEM-C105/C125 & CHEM-C106/C126 or PHYS-P221 & PHYS-P222) (Double counts as the General Education Natural Science Courses)
      • One or more additional Natural Science courses to reach a minimum of 15 cr. hrs. in the Natural Sciences
  4. Computer Science (49-52 cr.)
    • CSCI-C 201
    • CSCI-C 202
    • CSCI-C 251
    • CSCI-C 311
    • CSCI-C 335
    • CSCI-C 343
    • CSCI-C 346
    • CSCI-C 455
    • CSCI-P 436
    • CSCI-P 445
    • CSCI-P 446
    • Three Computer Science electives, 400-level or above (CSCI-B/C/P 4XX)
  5. General Electives
    • Sufficient to total a minimum of 120 credits.