Proficiency testing

The Computer literacy requirement may be met by successful demonstration of proficiency in using the computer as an academic tool. There is only a charge for the exam upon successful completion. Also, three hours of credit can be obtained on successful completion of the test-out examinations. See Bulletin for details.


Students wishing to test-out should email Carolyn Granda at: or call (812) 941-2154 and leave a voice mail. Special schedule needs can also be met for extenuating circumstances only. Picture identification and the proof of current enrollment at the Southeast Campus of Indiana University is required. You should allow yourself a time block of 4-1/2 hours to complete all phases of the examination. Please let us know at least one week in advance to prepare the examination. You must also bring a pencil and a low capacity flash drive to save your work. The flash drive will NOT be returned. Therefore, please purchase the lowest capacity that you can find (32 MB, 64 MB, etc) or one that you do not mind forfeiting.


Testing-out requires two steps.

  1. First, Successfully pass (65%) the concepts and terminology test. The estimated time to complete is 75 minutes.
  2. Second, after successfully passing the first part, you will complete the laboratory examination. Estimated time to complete is 3 hours.
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheet
    • Database
Test Out Fee

The current University test out fee is $17 per credit hour. For example, if you wish to test out of C106 (3 credit hours), you will be charged $51. You will only be charged upon successful completion of the test out exam. It is your responsibility to pay the Bursar's office before the credits will appear on your transcript. DO NOT bring money to the testing site to pay the fee. Upon notification via email that you have successfully completed the test out exam, you will be instructed when to pay the fee to the Bursar's office.