Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences

The Geosciences program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences with five concentrations: Human Geography, Geographic Information Science, Environmental Geography, Physical Geography, and Geology. These disciplines prepare students for working in a broad range of Geoscience careers including the private sector, local, state and federal government, and as a preparation for graduate studies.

Associate of Arts in Geosciences

The Associate of Arts in Geosciences is in the process of being phased out by IU Southeast.  Students admitted to IUS in Fall 2014 or before, with a declared major in Geoscience AA, may continue to complete the degree, provided they do not stop out for more than one semester.  Any student admitted after Fall 2014 is not eligible to complete this degree. 


Minor in Geography

The Geography Minor is useful to all students interested in broadening their knowledge of the natural and socio-economic systems of the World. The Geography Minor is an important addition to many majors, in particular Biology, Chemistry, Education, and Geology.

Minor in Geology

The Geology Minor augments those students majoring in Biology, Chemistry Education, and Computer Science who are focused on applying their disciplines to the earth and its environment. Direct applications include ground-water movement and contamination, solid waste remediation (chemistry), environmental modeling (Computer Science), solid earth geophysics (Physics) and the physical environmental context of plants and animals (Biology).

Minor in Geosciences

The Geoscience Minor was especially developed to support Education and General Studies majors the opportunity to obtain an academically focused minor. The Minor in Geosciences offers a broader scope but with less depth than either the Geography or Geology Minors. Students cannot earn a Minor in Geoscience in any combination with other Geoscience majors or minors.