Student Learning Goals

  1. Students will acquire mathematical knowledge
  2. Students will develop analytical and reasoning skills.
  3. Students will be prepared for further study and for careers in their field.


In addition to the requirements listed in this bulletin in the sections "General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast" and "General Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree," the student must take Mathematics M 215, M 216, M 303, M 311, M 360, M 391, one additional mathematics course at the 300 level (excluding K 300), the sequence of M 403-M 404 or the sequence of M 413-M 414, and computer science C 201. The requirement for research writing is completed by taking English W 234 and Mathematics M 380 or M 436. No mathematics course below the 200 level may be counted toward the major subject area. These requirements are a minimum; those students who are planning graduate study in mathematics are strongly encouraged to take both of the sequences M 403-M 404 and M 413-M 414. In addition, it is strongly recommended that the candidate take electives in areas related to mathematics. Depending on interests and goals, the candidate may choose these from other mathematics offerings; from computer science offerings such as C 251; from physics offerings such as P 221-P 222; from chemistry offerings such as C 105-C 106; or from various education courses leading to certification.