RN-BSN students receive advanced standing in the baccalaureate program following successful completion ofthe first three semesters in the RN to BSN Completion Program. Special credit will be awarded for the following nursing courses once the transition courses are completed and students have paid any specified credit hour special fees:

Advanced Standing Courses Being Credentialed Credits
B236 Developmental Issues and Health 4
B248 Science & Technology of Nursing 2
B249 Science and Technology of Nursing: Practicum 2
H351 Alterations in Neuro-Psychiatric Nursing 3
H352 Alterations in Neuro-Psychiatric Nursing: Practicum 2
H353 Alterations in Health I 3
H354 Alterations in Health I: Practicum 2
H361 Alterations in Health II 3
H362 Alterations in Health II: Practicum 2
H363 The Developing Family and Child 3
H364 The Developing Family and Child: Practicum 3
S470 Restorative Health: Multi-System Alterations 3
S471 Restorative Health: Multi-System Alterations: Practicum 2
Total Credits 34

A grade of S (Satisfactory) will be recorded on the transcript for the above courses according to criteria determined by the faculty.

Nursing elective credit for Z490/Z492 (Clinical Experience in Nursing/Independent Study in Nursing) may be awarded to RNs holding valid specialty certification from a professional nursing organization in an appropriate area of nursing. A maximum of 2 credit hours may be awarded.

For specific information on advanced-standing procedures, registered nurse applicants should contact the academic nursing counselor on the campus of enrollment.