Thirty hours credit in residency is required for the baccalaureate degree. RN students must meet this requirement to be eligible for graduation. The following required nursing courses may be used to meet the residency requirement:

Courses to be taken


B331 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Practice 3
B344 Comprehensive Health Assessment 3
H355 Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Healthcare 3
K301 Complementary Health 3
B304 Health Policy 3
S474 Applied Healthcare Ethics 3
H365 Research Process 3
S475 A Multi-System Approach to Health of the Community 3
B404 Informatics 3
S487 Nursing Management 3
R470 Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone 3
Total Credits 33

Students must petition the Admission, Progression and Graduation Committee for special consideration of any exceptions to academic policy.

Program Progression: RN students must successfully complete all required prerequisite courses before progressing to the next level of courses. Please consult with the academic advisor for course planning options.