School of Nursing

C-3 - Definition of Clock Hour per Credit Hour

Target Group:  Basic BSN and RN-BSN Students

Policy Type:  Revision


To provide consistent interpretation of clock hours per credit hour.


  1. A clock hour per credit hour will be interpreted as 50 minutes for all undergraduate student learning experiences. This interpretation is to be applied uniformly to both didactic and clinical/lab/experiential learning experiences.
  2. Conferences/seminars or similar pedagogical approaches used in conjunction with didactic or clinical/lab/experientially oriented learning experiences must fit within the allotted clock time given that course.
  3. All individualized experiences connected with a required course must fit within the allotted clock time given that course.
  4. Clock time does not include time for activities (ex: travel, meals, breaks, etc.) related to the learning experience.
  5. Contact hour definitions:
    1. 1 credit hour didactic = 50 minutes
    2. 1 credit hour clinical = 45 clock hours

Effective Date:  April 1995

Approved by:  Admission, Progression, Graduation Committee: February 8, 2010
Approved by:  Council of Nursing Faculty: March 15, 2010