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Assessment Committee Reports

The General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) is responsible for oversight of assessment of student learning in general education at IU Southeast. The GEAC Subcommittees, comprised of one or two committee members, report to the GEAC at the end of the evaluation year, evaluating progress and recommending improvements based on the data.

The committee has adopted plan below for distributing the assessment reports. Those who receive the reports will forward them to the appropriate faculty members to evaluate how outcomes are being achieved and to act on the results in ways that advance student learning and improve educational quality.

Assessment Reports Distribution Plan
Goal Distribution
Written Communication Dean of Arts & Letters
  Improvement of Writing Committee
  Coordinator of Writing Courses
  Honors Program Director
Oral Communication Dean of Arts & Letters
  Coordinator of Communication Courses
  Honors Program Director
Quantitative Reasoning Dean of Natural Sciences
  Coordinator of Lower Level Math Courses
Reasoning About Ethical Questions Dean of Arts & Letters
  Dean of Social Sciences
Critical Thinking Dean of Arts & Letters
  Dean of Social Sciences
  Dean of Natural Sciences
Diversity Associate Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  Deans of all schools
CIMI: Arts & Humanities Dean of Arts & Letters
CIMI: Natural & Physical Sciences Dean of Natural Sciences
CIMI: Social & Behavioral Sciences Dean of Social Sciences
Information Literacy Library Director

Committee Reports

General Education Assessment Cycle Information:

In Fall 2011, OIE is currently meeting with General Education programs to help design tools, forms, and processes whose courses meet the following categories:

  • Central Issues, Ideas, and Methods of Inquiry in Arts & Humanities
  • Central Issues, Ideas, and Methods of Inquiry in Natural & Physical Sciences
  • Central Issues, Ideas, and Methods of Inquiry in Social & Behavioral Sciences

If your program offers General Education courses in these categories, please schedule a meeting with OIE by contacting Ron Severtis at

General Education courses in the following categories should be implementing their assessment plans starting in Fall 2011 after having met with OIE in Spring and Summer 2011:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Diversity
  • Ethical Reasoning
  • Information Literacy