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Assessment Report Example

Example of assessment cycle program Assessment Update

Programs not submitting full reports are required to submit updates, which includes a summary paragraph of assessment of student learning for publication on the Annual Program Summaries webpage, details changes made to the program assessment plan, and discusses changes made based on the previous data and their resulting changes (or closing the feedback loop).

The Fall 2011 example presented here is courtesy of Greg Phipps, Senior Lecturer & Program Coordinator in the Sociology program in the School of Social Sciences. It is a solid example of what is expected of programs in years in which they are not required to submit full reports, but simply updates. 

Example of assessment cycle program Full Assessment Report

Programs submitting full reports must include the above requirements. In addition, the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Assessment now asks programs submitting full reports to also include a Curriculum Map of their program, i.e., their course requirements mapped to their program learning goals and student learning outcomes. Details on this process can be found on the Resources page of this website.

An example is forthcoming, but content is often a function of how advanced a program’s assessment plan is with regards to development of outcomes, measurement tools, and feedback loop discussions.

Assessment Updates

Fall 2012 Programmatic Assessment Reports were due on Friday, November 30. As of Tuesday, December 4, we have received 7 of 25 programmatic assessment reports (28%), with 9 programs permitted extensions. If your program requires an extension, please contact Ron Severtis at

23 programs have full programmatic reports due this year; 3 programs have update reports due this year; and 3 programs have already fulfilled their reporting requirements this year.

One primary goal of the OIRA assessment team is to work with faculty of all programs, especially those with annual or biennial assessment cycles, to improve programmatic assessment and facilitate each program to achieve triennial cycle status. As of Fall 2012:

  • 14 programs (42%) are on the triennial cycle
  • 2 programs (6%) are on the biennial cycle
  • 17 programs (52%) are on the annual cycle