Readiness Survey: Section 1

Go ahead, take a guess... the highest score possible is 44. What do you think your online aptitude is?

Section I: Learning Styles

  1. Very Important
    Somewhat important
    In my opinion, LESS is more.

  2. Integral
    I could live without it, but it is nice.
    No life form could ever take the place of my computer.

  3. Skookum
    I read pretty well, but I had to Google "skookum."
    So so

  4. Yes, leave me alone.
    Somewhat, but I want to know help is available.
    I need all the help I can get.

  5. Independent study: I’m responsible for my own learning.
    Student-centered: I like to have the opportunity to ask questions and interact.
    Teacher-directed: Give me details!

  6. My time is limited; that is why I am taking an online course.
    I have the same amount of time I do for an on-campus course.
    I’ve got nothing but time.

  7. I would be willing to do that.
    Some of them—if my schedule permits
    Online means online; I’m not coming to any of them!