Online Learning FAQ

  • What is an online class?
    • At IU Southeast, online classes are defined as those courses where 75% or more of the class is taught online.

      Even online classes may require you to come to campus to take a test. Refer to the course syllabus or contact the course instructor to find out if any on-campus meetings are planned.
  • What is a hybrid class?
    • At IU Southeast, hybrid classes are defined as those courses where between 26% and 75% of the class is conducted face to face.
  • What kind of computer system do I need for my online class?
  • How do I register for online classes?
  • How do I order my course textbooks?
    • IU and IU Southeast have contracted bookstore services to Barnes and Noble. You may order your books online through the campus bookstore, or via any other bookstore (just be sure you have the correct ISBN).
  • What is the IU eText?
  • The IU eText program allows faculty members to select eTexts for their classes. The eTexts are available in Oncourse using the Courseload tool. Students pay for their eText when they register for the class. If your class is using Courseload, there is no need for you to purchase a paper edition book. For more information on the IU eText program, navigate to
  • Where can I get help using Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, and/or Access?
  • What is Oncourse and how do I use it?
    • Oncourse is IU’s learning management system. You'll use Oncourse to access most of your course materials. Oncourse works with the most current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you don’t have IE or Firefox installed on your computer, download them at IUWare. While many other browsers will seem to work just fine, you might find that buttons will be missing and certain processes may fail.

      Detailed instructions for using Oncourse may be found by searching the IU Knowledge Base or at the IU Southeast online classes website.
  • Where can I get help writing a paper?
  • My class is online, but I want to get involved on campus. What can I do?
    • Great! At IU Southeast, we offer the full college experience and we want you to be part of it. Visit the Campus Life page to find out what’s happening.
  • If I am taking an online course, is technical support available?
    • Self-service technical support is always available through IU's award winning Knowledge Base.  If you have a technical question, navigate your web browser to  If you fail to find an answer there, you can always initiate a contact with ITHelpLive by pointing your browser to