The Maintenance Team is currently comprised of seven individuals and operates with a day and evening shift to maintain more than 600,000 square feet of conditioned space. The team also has one technician on call to cover any emergencies that might occur during non-office hours (over a weekend, etc.).

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are one major responsibility of the maintenance department. If temperature regulation is needed, call the Physical Plant office.

The Maintenance Team also provides minor furniture and appliance repair as needed. Other facility related functions including electrical and plumbing work are also the responsibility of the Maintenance Team.

Any problems with any of the physical systems on campus should be referred to the Physical Plant, as should any structural problems such as leaking roofs, or cracked walls.

As the day-to-day activities of the team are directed by the work order process, entering a work request as soon as a problem is discovered will help expedite the evaluation and repair process.

Emergency situations should be phoned in to the Physical Plant at (812) 941-2330, but all other requests must be received in writing. For emergency situations after normal business hours contact University Police at (812) 941-2400.

Submit a Work Order

Submit a Work Order


Need help moving big furniture around? Have a plumbing or electrical problem? We're here to help.

Complete the web based request form and upon submission, the information is automatically sent to the Physical Plant office for processing. 

For other submission options please see our Work Requests page.

Storm Water

Storm Water


Stormwater is rain or melted snow which has run off the land including surfaces like roads, roofs and parking lots. It is now proven that stormwater runoff is a major source of pollution and we are beginning to take the necessary preventative steps to minimize its effects.

Learn more about stormwater and the steps we are taking to reduce pollution from it >>

Our To Do List

Our To Do List


Ever wonder what we're up to over here in Physical Plant? Well now you can download a pdf of our to-do list and find out. You can also use it to see where your project is in line.

Download Physical Plant's To-Do List