Truck and Cargo Van Rentals

IU Southeast has an agreement with a local vehicle rental agency to provide box/moving trucks, pickup trucks and cargo vans for use by employees on University business. Truck, van and fuel charges will be charged back to a specific account. Daily rental rates include all services within the continental United States. Arrangements for the use of these vehicles can be made by calling the Physical Plant office at (812) 941-2330. Please provide the following information: date and time required, date and time of return, destination, type of vehicle needed, driver name and account to be charged.

All drivers must fill out an authorization form for motor vehicle records check in order to secure a vehicle. This form can be obtained online at:

All accidents must be reported immediately or as soon as possible to the Physical Plant. Risk Management administrators will contact the appropriate parties.

Late Returns or Cancellations

Cancellations must be made before noon of the day before travel to avoid being charged. Vehicle charges are computed on a daily basis.

Office Hours

The Physical Plant office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm., Monday through Friday. Vehicles may be released during any of these hours.

Seat Belt Use

Indiana University Southeast policy requires the use of passenger restraints in all vehicles in which they are provided. Vehicles are also equipped with passenger, driver, and side air bags, but these are NOT substitutes for lap and shoulder belts. Be SAFE…BUCKLE UP!

Smoking in Vehicles

Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in University vehicles. Violations may be subject to discipline and additional clean up charges by the Physical Plant. There will be a $75 detail fee for smoking, ashes, burnt holes, stains, pet hair or trash.


Vehicle rates do not include fuel. Fuel cards will be available from the Physical Plant for use on all rentals. There will be an additional $10 charge for any vehicle that is not filled up prior to its return. Gas receipts must be returned with fuel card.

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives


The Physical Plant Office has initiated several energy conservation measures and programs in an effort to reduce utility costs across campus.

These programs include a wide variety of initiatives from replacing exterior lighting to redeploying of the cleaning staff. Everyone has a role in energy conservation and can help to achieve campus-wide goals.

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Submit a Work Order

Submit a Work Order


Need help moving big furniture around? Have a plumbing or electrical problem? We're here to help.

Complete the web based request form and upon submission, the information is automatically sent to the Physical Plant office for processing. 

For other submission options please see our Work Requests page.

Storm Water

Storm Water


Stormwater is rain or melted snow which has run off the land including surfaces like roads, roofs and parking lots. It is now proven that stormwater runoff is a major source of pollution and we are beginning to take the necessary preventative steps to minimize its effects.

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