Lauren BecherOffering a broad array of college life experiences enriches both the educational and personal growth of students. Today’s students seek an engaging collegiate atmosphere, space for social and recreational activity, and a strong sense of community on campus.

For IU Southeast, a critical element of our efforts to create a dynamic campus environment has been the addition of on-campus housing. Studies have shown that students who live on campus have better grades, are more likely to graduate, and are more satisfied with their college experience. On-campus housing also allows us to increase student recruitment, retention, and diversity.

Our residential lodges not only offer students the convenience of oncampus living, they also provide public, communal spaces that were carefully designed to facilitate group work, study sessions,  presentations by faculty, and other formal and informal opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Space that is dedicated to the health and wellness of our students is another priority for IU Southeast. Wellness and fitness programs are an important component of students’ success in college. Exercise has been shown to relieve stress, increase brain function, and improve overall physical and mental health.

What’s more, the habits that students develop in college often stay with them for a lifetime. With obesity, tobacco use, and stress among the most common health risks in the American workforce, IU Southeast’s commitment to providing athletic, intramural, fitness, and other corecreational programs equips the next generation of leaders and citizens with healthy habits that benefit us all.


Show your support by helping us build a stronger campus.

IU Southeast plans to expand the Activities Building to provide additional space for co-recreational activities that improve the health and wellness of our students.

Your gift to the Shaping Powerful Futures campaign can also be directed toward on-campus housing. To meet ongoing demand for student housing, we plan to build an additional lodge.