Treavor MartinStudents entering college today face demands and opportunities unique to our time. At IU Southeast, we help shape the futures of these students by teaching them to think logically and creatively and to develop the skills upon which they will build their dreams and livelihoods.

This past year, IU Southeast graduated the largest, most diverse class in campus history. With increased enrollment comes increased demand for student financial aid. Compounding this demand is the fact that many students, prospective students, and families continue to face difficult economic circumstances. In fact, in each of the last five years, the amount of financial aid awarded to IU Southeast students has surpassed the previous year’s total.

This financial aid comes from many sources, including state allocations and federal programs, but perhaps most important to IU Southeast are the gifts that come from its private supporters. Endowed scholarships are particularly valuable because they are gifts that keep giving. Instead of the entire amount of the donation being used for one-time scholarships, the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, a portion of the investment’s earnings are given to students in the form of scholarships, while the remainder is added to the original principal. At IU Southeast, endowed scholarships are established for a minimum of $10,000 and can be funded by one or more donors.

Nothing else we do to improve the quality of an IU Southeast education will matter if students are unable to afford the opportunities we offer. Help us ensure that a first-rate education remains accessible to new generations of IU Southeast students.


Create a scholarship for students who are high academic achievers, who study in a particular field, or who demonstrate special financial need.

We are also seeking support for our student veterans and student athletes.