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Applying to Law School



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What should I major in to get into law school?
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Law schools do not require any specific major. IUS does not have a prelaw major. Choose a major in which you have a strong interest. That will enhance your learning, help you to be more dedicated, and most likely help you to maintain a strong grade point average

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What is required for admission to law school?
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  • A bachelors degree
  • A good G.P.A. (Grade Point Average)
  • A good score on the LSAT exam (which you should take in June, October, or December in the year before you plan to enter law school)
  • Good recommendations from faculty who know you well

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How can I get information about planning for law school?
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School of Social Sciences
Crestview Hall 140
Phone: (812) 941-2391

Check websites for individual law schools to learn about admission requirements, the curriculum, special programs, financial assistance, the faculty and the student body.

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