dsst logoDSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) for General Studies Majors Only

DSST exams help students earn college credit for knowledge gained outside of the traditional classroom. It is essential for students at IU Southeast to first check with your academic advisor to see what DSST offerings will fit within your degree.

Internet-Based Testing

All DSST test titles are available via Internet-based testing. When taking a DSST test online, you will be required to create a username and password at the time of testing. Candidates have two hours to complete their examination after they click "Begin Test."  At IU Southeast only General Studies majors can use DSST exams to earn special credit.

Test Fees and Procedures

Each DSST exam is $80 (except for Fundamentals of Cybersecurity $90) payable by credit card on-line when you take the test. There is a $15 registration fee that must be paid before the test appointment.  Please bring the registration payment receipt to your test session. Call the Student Development Center at (812) 941-2312 to schedule a test appointment.

DSST Payment Button

DSST Promo Code Information

No promo codes are available currently. 

Refund Information

If you need a refund for test fees you have paid, please call the Student Development Center at 812/941-2312.

Score Reports

Candidates testing online can receive immediate test results by viewing their unofficial score report at the end of the testing session.

Retesting Policy

If you do not receive a passing score, you may take the test again after 90 calendar days. Please do not attempt to take the test before 90 days have passed, because your test will be invalid, and your test fee will not be refunded. A date calculator can help determine when you may retake a test.

IU Southeast awards 3 credit hours for each of the following DSST exams (General Studies Majors only):

DSST Test Number Title of DSST Exam Required Score Course Equivalent
424 Fundamentals of College Algebra 400 No Credit Awarded
450 Principles of Statistics 400 MATH-K 300
Arts & Sciences
461 Art of the Western World 48 FINA-UN 100
470 Human Cultural Georgraphy 48 GEOG-G 110
471 Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 45 HIST-D 310
473 A History of the Viet Nam War 44 HIST-A 315
483 The Civil War and Reconstruction 47 HIST-UN 300
489 Foundations of Education 46 EDUC-UN 100
490 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 46 PSY-B 310
494 General Anthropology 47 ANTH-A 105
495 Substance Abuse 400 PSY-P 407
497 Introduction to Law Enforcement 45 SPEA-J 321
498 Criminal Justice 400 SPEA-J 101
562 Fundamentals of Counseling 45 PSY-B 386
475 Business Ethics and Society 400 BUS-W 230
524 Principles of Finance 400 BUS-F 301
530 Human Resource Management 46 BUS-Z 440
531 Organizational Behavior 48 BUS-Z 302
532 Principles of Supervision 46 SUPV-S 300
536 Introduction to Computing 400 CSCI-C 106
543 Introduction to Business 400 COAS-W 100
548 Money and Banking 48 BUS-G 345
550 Personal Finance 400 BUS-F 260
551 Management Information Systems 400 CSCI-K 325
812 Business Mathematics 400 MATH-UN 100
013 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 400 CSCI-C 437 (4 cr.)
Physical Science
500 Astronomy 48 AST-A 100
508 Here's to Your Health 400 HPER-H 363
511 Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet 46 SPEA-E 162
512 Principles of Physical Science I 47 PHYS-P 120
Applied Technology
820 Technical Writing 46 ENG-W 234
474 Ethics in America 400 PHIL-P 140
496 Introduction to World Religions 400 REL-R 153
815 Principles of Public Speaking 47 SPCH-S 121