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General Tutoring Information

The Student Development Center provides tutoring for most 100- and 200-level courses. We try to schedule appointments as quickly as possible, but please understand that scheduling varies, depending on your and the tutor's availability. Provide as many available days and times as you can to help ensure a matching schedule with a tutor.

  • The cost is $5.00 per hour and must be paid with your U Card before you meet with your tutor. Visit the U Card website to learn more information about the U Card.
  • Tutoring vouchers can be purchased at the Student Development Center in US 203 or at the Bursar's Office in US 103. You must present the voucher to the tutor when the session begins. Each voucher is worth one hour of tutoring.
  • Tutoring is only available to currently enrolled students at IU Southeast.
  • Come prepared to your tutoring session. Bring your book, handouts, syllabus, and anything else you would typically take to class. Read your text, do as much of the homework as you can, and have questions ready for your tutor.
  • Participate actively in the session. Ask questions, complete practice problems, and discuss any difficulties you are having with the subject.
  • The SDC has dedicated space for your meetings; however, you can meet anywhere on campus. All tutoring must take place on campus.

If you have any questions about our tutoring program, please contact us at 812-941-2312 or

Tutoring Request Form

You can request a tutor by completing our online form.

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