Exam Proctoring for Other Universities

Exam Proctoring for Other Universities

The Student Development Center will proctor exams for students enrolled in online or independent study courses from other universities, and we will administer Accuplacer placement exams for other universities. There is a $25 administration fee per exam for this service. This fee is only for non-IU students enrolled in a course from a non-IU campus, or for students planning to attend another university.

Some universities require the completion of a Proctor Agreement Form. If your institution requires proctor verification, please request that they send the Proctor Agreement Form to sesdc@ius.edu.  If you have any questions about your proctored exam in the Student Development Center, please contact us at 812-941-2312 or sesdc@ius.edu.

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Select the "Non-IU Exam Proctoring" payment option.
  3. You must bring your printed receipt to the test session.

Non-IU Payment Button

Refund Information

If you need a refund for test fees you have paid, please call the Student Development Center at 812/941-2312.