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Congratulations to Professor Kelly A. Ryan on her recent book publication

Regulating Passion Book CoverCongratulations to Professor Kelly A. Ryan on the publication of her book Regulating Passion: Sexuality and Patriarchal Rule in Massachusetts, 1700-1830 (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Sexuality was critical to how individuals experienced, learned, and contested their place in early America. Regulating Passion shows the sweeping changes that affected the social and political morass centered on sexual behavior during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Massachusetts — even as patriarchy remained important to those configurations of power. Charting the government's and society's management of sexuality, Kelly A. Ryan uncovers the compelling stories of the individuals charged with sexual crimes and how elites hoped to contain and exploit "illicit" sexual behavior.

For more information, visit the Oxford University Press website. Her book was also listed as an editor's pick in Inside IU.