A major in history is an excellent foundation for graduate study in history, law, the humanities and social sciences. History majors have found rewarding careers in research and writing, business, public history, teaching, journalism, bankers, and government service. The skills and knowledge acquired in the History major at IU Southeast prepare students for success. Like other liberal arts disciplines, history sharpens your ability to think critically, argue logically, conduct research, analyze data, and communicate clearly, both orally and in writing. History is also unique. Because it is both a humanities and a social science, it addresses the study of individuals and the broader society, teaching you to shift your focus back and forth between the two, evaluating issues in context; invaluable skills for any career.

In the public sector, local, state and federal governments frequently employ graduates who have majored in history.

These people have found employment as:

  • Diplomats
  • FBI agents
  • Department heads
  • Researchers
  • Archivists
  • Administrative and legislative assistants
  • Lawyers
  • Management
  • NGO's
  • Goverment Agencies

In addition, public history offers job opportunities to history majors in areas such as historic preservation, historical editing, museum management and archival work.

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