The History Program at IU Southeast is committed to academic excellence, challenging the students with complex questions, fascinating topics in a supportive and scholarly environment. The small classes and close interaction between Faculty and students creates a wonderful learning atmosphere.

Here are some thoughts by History Program students:

According to one student: "I like the small class size. It provides an opportunity for more in depth discussion and debates. Professors are easily accessible, easy to approach, and talk to about the subject matter. Studying history is an excellent way to improve critical thinking and writing skills. Once you get started, you begin to analyze everything." Kelley Greene, History Major, Senior, 2006.

"The main thing I enjoy the most is the professors and their diversity. Everyone has something that the other one does not. With that, you get so many perspectives on issues. Add to that the fact that every professor I have encountered is eager and willing to spend one on one time with the student." Chris Diggs, History Major, Senior, 2006.

"I enjoy studying history because it explores not just the events of the past but the peoples, cultures, and ideas as well. The study of history is the study of anything involving people - from economics to philosophy. I enjoy studying history at IU Southeast because of its affordability, small class size, and location. IU Southeast students have access to the libraries of other major educational institutions, and the region features many opportunities for learning about history and culture." Scott Cress, History Major, Junior, 2006.

"My classes have been enjoyable and I have learned so much. My more challenging classes have also been the ones that I enjoyed the most. The faculty at IU Southeast has always been approachable and interested in the things I am doing, and they have encouraged me to learn more." Nona Capps, History Minor, 2006.

"I love history because it is in a way a study of everything. History is where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. I enjoy studying history at IU Southeast because of the faculty. It is a small, but this allows the students to build greater professional relationships with the faculty and therefore learn a great deal more. This also allows for more individual instruction, which helps me reach my full potential as a student." Matt Lockman, History Major, Junior, 2006.

A History degree is a great preparation for a career and students agree:

"From studying history at IU Southeast I have had the opportunity to participate in an internship that allowed me to conduct primary research. That has been really exciting. I guess it is cliché, but history is like a mystery and each new thing you find out about the past is another piece of the big picture. I often feel like a detective. It makes me look at things in different ways." Nona Capps, History Minor, 2006.

"Studying history has not only allowed me to immerse myself in a field that I enjoy, but it has also provided me with critical thinking, research, and writing skills that I know will serve me in future graduate work in any discipline as well as my career." Scott Cress, History Major, Junior, 2006.

"I have learned a great deal about jobs related to the study of history. IU Southeast history courses have also helped prepare me for graduate school by tuning my writing and critical thinking skills through constant practice." Matt Lockman, History Major, Junior, 2006.

"I think my writing has gotten a lot better at IU Southeast. The professors I have had take the time to really critique my work and light it up like a Christmas tree. That is excellent because they took their time to make my piece better. That will help a lot in jobs in the future. Employers are looking for people with good writing skills and people who can think critically about situations. I've learned that here." Chris Diggs, History Major, Senior, 2006.