An International Studies degree is very flexible and can be used in various fields both inside and outside the United States. Almost any vocation can be internationalized and International Studies majors will be at the forefront as more and more careers gain international elements. Already more than 60 percent of local businesses have some sort of international component.

International Studies majors may pursue careers in:

  • public and international affairs
  • diplomacy
  • government service
  • international organizations
  • interest groups
  • non-governmental organizations
  • intelligence agencies
  • the military
  • business
  • international development assistance
  • journalism
  • teaching
  • law

Specific jobs may include:

  • foreign service officer
  • human rights worker
  • international lawyer
  • international political analyst
  • foreign correspondent
  • international news analyst
  • high school teacher
  • foreign exchange coordinator
  • college professor
  • translator
  • interpreter
  • CIA agent
  • immigration and customs officer
  • tropical disease specialist
  • international investment banker
  • international marketing agent
  • international account representative

Moreover, International Studies majors acquire a range of broadly marketable skills during their course of study, including:

  • presenting ideas orally and in writing in English and another language
  • cross-cultural communication
  • research
  • problem solving
  • data analysis
  • organizing information
  • thinking "outside the box"

Internships and Other Steps to Transition to Your Career

Students are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities prior to graduation and may want to enroll in COAS-Q 400 Job Search Strategies for Liberal Arts Students. IU Southeast Career Development Center can assist with both of these opportunities which are designed to help students in making a smooth transition from college to career. With the internships, the Internship Coordinator will assist you in finding a position in an internationally-related site. The internships can be taken for credit and are an excellent way to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills and abilities for working in an applied setting and that you can integrate your studies with your work activities. The Job Search Strategies course is a one-credit course that will give you assistance in the details of marketing yourself, including resumes and cover letters, interviewing strategies, etc.