The primary objective of the public service track is to prepare students with the background and skills to pursue positions in the public service, in both governmental and nongovernmental (nonprofit) organizations.

Required Core Courses (18 cr.)
  • Y103 Introduction to American Politics
  • Y205 Elements of Political Analysis
  • Y302 Public Bureaucracy in Modern Society
  • Y306 State and Local Government or Y308 Urban Politics
  • Y482 Practicum: Internship in Public Service (must serve a minimum of a 3-hour internship in an approved public or nongovernmental [nonprofit] organization)
  • Y490 Senior Seminar in Political Science
300-400 Level Public Service Courses (6 cr.)

Student must complete at least two 300-400 level courses in the public service area. These include:

  • Y402 Politics of the Budgetary Process
  • Y403 Legal Issues in Public Bureaucracy
  • Y404 Political Issues in Public Personnel Management

(Interdisciplinary concentrations in other areas may be substituted for these 300-400-level distributional requirements upon recommendation of academic advisor.)

300-400 Level Distribution Requirements (6 cr.)

Students must complete at least two other 300-400-level courses in political science from any of the following areas: comparative politics, international relations, and theory.

Recommended Courses

It is strongly recommended that students complete MATH K300 Statistical Techniques.

Requirements for a Minor in Political Science

Minimum of 15 credit hours, including:

  • Y103 Introduction to American Politics (3 cr.)
  • One course in comparative politics
  • One course in international politics

(At least 9 credit hours of the minor must be taken on this campus.)