Required Core Courses (9 cr.)

Students must complete all of the following courses:

  • Y103 Introduction to American Politics
  • Y205 Elements of Political Analysis (must be completed before taking the senior seminar)
    • Designated course for political science majors for research writing requirement
  • Y490 Senior Seminar in Political Science
300-400-Level Distribution Requirements (12 cr.)

Students must take at least one upper level course in each of the following four areas:

  1. American Politics
    (Y302, Y304, Y305, Y306, Y308, Y316, Y319, Y322, Y324, Y379, Y394, Y402, Y403, Y404)
  2. Comparative Politics
    (Y330, Y331, Y334, Y335, Y337, Y349, Y354, Y369)
  3. International Politics
    (Y343, Y350, Y360, Y366, Y374, Y376)
  4. Political Theory
    (Y384, Y392)
Recommended Courses

Political Science:
Y105 Introduction to Political Theory, Y107 Introduction to Comparative Politics, and Y109 Introduction to World Politics. Each introductory course provides excellent background for upper level courses in these areas.

Courses in other fields:
Economics, history, and sociology are academic areas that majors will find useful, especially those planning to attend graduate school or law school.

It is strongly recommended that students planning to attend graduate school complete MATH K300 Statistical Techniques.

Note: Political Science credit for internships and professional practice programs may not exceed 6 credit hours. The following courses have been added or removed from the 300-400 Level Distribution Requirements list:

  • American Politics classes added: Y303, Y318.
  • American Politics classes removed: Y316, Y319, Y322, and Y394.
  • Comparative Politics classes removed: Y330, Y331, and Y334.
  • International Relations classes added: Y471
  • International Relations classes removed: Y350