Please contact any Psychology faculty member or Dana Gohmann or Misti Whitaker to make an appointment for advising, which should be done regularly for practicum, research and graduate school information.

Dana Gohmann
Academic Advisor
School of Social Sciences
Phone: (812) 941-2391
Office: Crestview 137

Misti Whitaker
Academic Advisor
School of Social Sciences
Phone:(812) 941-2391
Office: Crestview 135

Please call the main Social Sciences office at(812) 941-2391 for an appointment.

Advising information for Research Opportunities

Essentially, psychologists are talking about "research" when we plan a way to answer a particular question. In psychology we may be involved in several types of research involving questionnaires, interviews, or experimental equipment. While research can be conducted with either humans or animals, most of the research currently being conducted in the Psychology Department involves humans.

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Advising information for Practicum Opportunities

A practicum or internship is a supervised work experience in your major area. For example, a psychology student may have a practicum at a shelter for the homeless.

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Advising information for Getting into Graduate School

Getting into graduate school is a lengthy process that the student should begin to think about as early as possible. There are numerous types of graduate programs available. Each of these programs demand different requirements for potential students. The information here is meant to guide you into thinking about the steps necessary to get into a graduate program. The best advice you can receive is from your academic advisor. As soon as you become aware that you are considering the possibility of graduate school, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

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