• Take advantage of your academic advisor. This person has successfully completed this process and knows what is necessary.
  • Get involved with research and be responsible! Professors will be writing your letters of recommendation. If you are irresponsible, you do not give the professor very good writing material!
  • Attend Psychology Club and Psi Chi events on getting into graduate school. Even if you know what you are doing, by attending these events you will be able to meet and impress members of graduate admission committees.
  • Do not be afraid to apply to programs all over the country. Your chances of being accepted are increased if you apply to more programs.
  • Only apply to those programs that match your interests. If you fail to follow this advice, you will be wasting your time, energy, and money.
  • Apply to a variety of schools. Apply to some top-notch schools that you believe you would not have a chance of being admitted, some moderate level schools, and some programs to which you believe you will definitely be admitted. However, be careful about the above hint.
  • Several websites exist that have more information on this topic.