Monthly Meeting - 03/19/2014


March 19, 2014 – Ogle Center Robinson Stage


Present:  Kim Adam, Angie Clark, Steven Clark, Tara Cottingham, Lisa Pangburn, Cindy Short, Mary Ann Wild

Special Guest: Kirk Randolph, Kelly Scott


Excused Absences:  Ruben Borrego, Cari Edwards, Jennifer Hershfield, Christine Thompson, Annette Wernert, Kim Wells


Treasurer’s Report

Period Ending: 2/28/14

Checking Account:

02/01 Beginning Balance

02/06 Check 000582

01/31 Ending Balance


$                 2,004.80


$                 1,994.80



Pennies from Heaven:

02/01 Beginning Balance

02/31 Ending Balance



$                     21.30

$                     21.30                          

Savings Account:

02/01 Beginning Balance

02/28 Dividend

02/31 Ending Balance


$                1,793.48


$                1,793.77

Grand Total

$                3,809.87



  • Staff Council President, Steven Clark, convened the meeting at 10:30 a.m. welcoming Staff Council members and thank you to Ogle Center for hosting meeting.  Introductions were made to Kirk Randolph and Kelly Scott. 



  • Lisa Pangburn speaking on behalf of Staff Council Treasurer, reported on the budget.  The figures are listed above.



  • Kirk and Kelly discussed way to promote and raise awareness of availability of the Ogle Center to campus departments and surrounding community.  Kirk had just come from a meeting discussing sustainability in the community and how the Ogle Center and IUS can participate. 

    • Events held at the Ogle Center between 7am – 5pm, unless special equipment is required, are free.  The areas available can easily host event such as department meetings and retreats.  Food and drinks are acceptable when planned prior to the event. 

    • Ushers are needed for all shows held in the Ogle Center.  Anyone who helps with ushering can attend the show for free.  Between 4 – 12 persons are needed to usher each show;  especially day time shows such as the Children’s Series.  Please speak to Kirk or Kelly to user.  More information with show scheduled will be distributed.

    • Remember to “friend” the Ogle Center on your facebook account. 


  • Staff Council is discussed the Legacy Award to recognize clerical, technical and service maintenance staff for contributions to carry out the campus’s mission and core.  More information will be coming from the subcommittee consisting of Steven Clark, Cari Edwards, Jennifer Hershfield, Mary Ann Wild, and Annette Wernert


  • Steven announced that he is on the committee for the Human Resources director search.  Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.



  • Steven reported the results of the Campus Budgetary Advisory Group (CBAG).  Staff salary compression was on the list of recommendations but not in the top priorities.  Moves are being taken to ensure direct attention for employee salary equity is in the forefront of recommendations.


  • Executive Council asked the that Staff Council present a summary of what Staff Council provides and the wants/needs of staff for Chancellor Wallace.  The survey results will be used to build this document.  Any comments or recommendations can be shared with any member of the Staff Council.


  • Election Committee will begin the process for Staff Council nominations and elections


  • The Hoosier Room has been reserved for fundraiser event in October.  More information will be coming.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, at 10:30


Respectfully Submitted,


Angie Clark

Staff Council Secretary



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Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule


Meeting Schedule

August 19, 2014
  University Center North 126 - 10:30 am

September 16, 2014
  University Center North 126 - 10:30 am

October 21, 2014
  University Center North 126 - 10:30 am

November 18, 2014
  University Center North 126 - 10:30 am

December 16, 2014
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January 20, 2015
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July 21, 2015
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