Monthly Meeting - 04/21/2009


4/21/09 - 10:30 A.M. – LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM 230

Attending: Mary Ann Braden, Lesley Deal, Charlotte Dubois, Cari Edwards, Angela Farnsley, Linda Haskins, Ethel King, Regina McCarty, Angie Moon, Connie Schnieders, Lisa Stark, Leslie Turner, Deb Voyles, Alice Watson, and Mary Ann Wild.

Excused Absences: Diane Fuchs, Loretta Seals, and Kim Wells

Chairman Alice Watson welcomed Paula Sylvester to speak regarding the IU Southeast Strategic Plan. Paula has served on the Strategic Plan Committee for several years. She has been especially interested in Goal #4 – Strengthening Resources. She has also served on subcommittees for Goals #2 and #7. With the first five years completed, an assessment of the Plan is underway. Paula has been asked to continue in her present capacity on the committee and has consented.

Issues pertinent to staff in Goal #4 are:

  1. Review of Compensation to Staff in Comparison to Peer Market - The last area peer study was conducted by Mercer in 2006 and has been updated using cost of living data.
  2. Staff Performance Reviews - Program performance reviews for staff members are due to be submitted each year in July. This activity helps to identify areas where staff members can improve their skill sets.
  3. Training for Staff Members to Improve Skill Sets - Employees for new positions must now pass aptitude tests for Word, Excel and Access in order to apply. Online training is available at Use the training tab to choose the subject. Ask you supervisor if you wish to add skills by training.

Thanks to Paula for keeping the SC advised on issues regarding the IUS Strategic Plan and opportunities available.

Chairman Watson opened the business portion of the meeting by welcoming all council members present. Mary Ann Wild presented the Treasurer’s report. See detail of the Treasurer’s report below.

Treasurer=s Report

Period Ending: 3/31/09

Regular Checking Account

Beginning Balance:

Check #480 – Mary Ann Braden – Birthday Bags

Check #481 – Oriental Trading – Spring Treat Bags

Check #482 – Mary Ann Wild – Spring Treat Bags/Birthday Bags

Gift Card 77683 – Staff Hardship Assistance

Gift Card Fee

Deposit – Donation (in memory of Uric Dufrene’s father)

Ending Balance








Regular Savings Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.40

Ending Balance





Honorarium Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.15

Ending Balance:






Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $1.82

Ending Balance:





Grand Total



By-Laws Committee – Connie Schnieders

Connie reported that the committee had not received any changes or suggestions for the draft of amendments to the by-laws. The amendments have been approved by the Chancellor according to the rules of the Trustees. A vote will be taken during the old business portion of the meeting.


CBAG/Executive Council – Alice Watson

Recommendations from CBAG were sent to the Budgetary Affairs Committee and Chancellor for the coming year. Executive Council Update:

Important Dates
  • August 21st – Induction of Students
  • September 3rd – Chancellor’s Picnic
  • September 3rd – Chancellor’s State of the University Address
  • September 11th – Chancellor’s Leadership Retreat at Hubers.

Dana Wavle, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs, noted the results of the Dining Survey recently completed. Items were listed in order of importance:

  1. Price of food
  2. Variety of food
  3. Overcrowding
  4. Quality of food
  5. Portion sizes.

New student applications are up 9.8% for the summer semesters and 12.3% for the fall semester. Two Hundred Ninety-Seven students have applied for housing to date.

Budget Committee - Mary Ann Wild

Treasurer Mary Ann Wild distributed copies of the proposed budget for the remainder of 2009. The 2010 budget will be constructed using the following guidelines:

  • The calendar year will be used (January 1-December 31);
  • Disbursements were divided into three divisions (Staff Encouragement, Staff Assistance, and Miscellaneous);
  • All savings accounts and CDs will be combined into one account which is accessible at all times without a penalty;
  • 10% of money-making activities will be deposited into the savings account;
  • If excess funds beyond the current year’s budget and one year’s reserve budget are available at the end of the calendar year, Staff

Council will discuss as quickly as possible how to best use the surplus funds for the benefit of the staff and/or the campus. SC members are asked to look over the proposal for discussion at the May meeting. If you need a copy, contact Mary Ann Wild.

BNCB Gift Certificate - Lesley Deal

The winner for the month of March was Linda Haskins. Congratulations, Linda.

By-Laws Adoption - A motion was made and seconded (Angie Moon, Lisa Stark) to adopt the amendments to the IUS Staff Council By-Laws. The motion passed unanimously.


Ice Cream Social - Alice Watson

Alice asked for suggestions for a date and time to hold our annual ice cream social. After discussion, Wednesday, August 19, from 12:30-2:30 p.m. in the University Center Breezeway was chosen. Alice Watson, Angie Moon, Linda Haskins and Cari Edwards volunteered for the committee to organize and conduct the event.

Election Committee – Alice Watson

With the election process of Staff Council representatives beginning in May, according to the amended by-laws, a committee needs to be formed for this purpose. Lesley Deal, Angie Moon, Debbie Voyles, Mary Ann Braden and Angela Walter volunteered for the committee. Debbie offered to contact Juli Bethany in Media Services to check on progress of the website regarding the voting process. She will keep the committee advised.

Announcements – Alice Watson

  1. Alice announced that Mark’s Feed Store now offers a 10% discount to all IU Southeast staff. Just show your Staff ID and get 10% off.
  2. Jezalin’s, an online gift company, sent a crate of goodies to promote their entry into our discount program. Alice shared the treats with the SC and noted that members can access the website to order if they so desire.
  3. Two staff members, Kim Wells and Larry Waldkoetter, are in the hospital, and Loretta Seals father-in-law passed away. Cards will be sent to each of them from Staff Council.

With no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lesley Deal, Secretary

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