Monthly Meeting - 02/17/2009


2/17/09 - 10:30 A.M. – LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM 230

Attending:  Mary Ann Braden, Lesley Deal, Angela Farnsley, Linda Haskins, Regina McCarty, Connie Schnieders, Loretta Seals, Lisa Stark, Leslie Turner, Deb Voyles, Alice Watson, Kim Wells, and Mary Ann Wild.

Excused Absences:  Charlotte Dubois, Diane Fuchs, Ethel King and Angie Moon

Unexcused Absence:  Cari Edwards

Chairman Alice Watson welcomed all those attending.

Mary Ann Wild presented the Treasurer’s report.  See detail of the Treasurer’s report below. 

Treasurer=s Report

Period Ending: 1/31/09

Regular Checking Account

Beginning Balance:

Gift Card 77675

Gift Card Fee

Check #476 – Ruben Borrego – Scholarship Honorarium

Check #478 – Mail Services (thank you letters)

Ending Balance







Regular Savings Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.48

Ending Balance          




Honorarium Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.17

Ending Balance:





Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $1.79

Ending Balance:




Grand Total



By-Laws Committee – Regina McCarty

The committee met and discussed needed changes to the by-laws.  The by-laws have been retyped into an electronic file and new amendments have been added.  The committee will meet to discuss further additions and should have a draft for SC members to read and comment on at the March meeting.

Nominating Committee – Regina McCarty

Regina spoke to Debra Eberle regarding the method for choosing staff persons to be part of Standing University Committees.  Debra noted that all staff positions are filled at this time and said that the Chancellor will send a request for persons to fill these committees at the appropriate times.


Budget Committee – Mary Ann Wild

The committee met to discuss financial matters and to develop a budget for 2009.  A working draft of a budget was developed and should be ready to present to SC members for review in the March meeting.  Treasurer Wild noted that the committee has developed the budget using the calendar year due to the fact that our fund raisers are traditionally in the fall.  By working on the calendar year we then have an idea of the amount of capital available.  The committee also suggested saving 10% of each fundraiser in order to keep an amount equal to about 1 year’s expenditures in savings and consolidating savings into one money market account.  If partial funds were withdrawn, no interest penalty would be assessed on remaining funds.

CBAG/Executive Council – Alice Watson

Nothing to report from CBAG at this time.

Each department gave a short report at the Executive Council meeting.  Salaries were also briefly discussed and a possible cap on tuition. 

New Employee Reception/Post Report – Leslie Turner

Eleven new employees attended the reception.  Suggestions to improve the next reception to be held in July were submitted by Diane Fuchs (email).  Leslie noted that comments she and others received during and after the reception were very favorable. 

BNCB Gift Certificate – Lesley Deal

The winner for the month of January was Connie Schnieders.  Congratulations, Connie.


Spring Treats – Alice Watson

Alice noted that it’s time to consider what type of spring treat the SC would like to give.  Mary Ann Braden said that she has been checking out the Oriental Trader catalog and found several cute ideas.  Mary Ann volunteered to be in charge of the project.  Alice also noted that we may consider seeking donations for the bags from companies.


Guest Speaker – Deborah Finkel, MLS Director

Dr. Finkel noted that many staff here have bachelor’s degrees and that some may want to consider a master’s degree from the MLS program.  She asked the Staff Council to help disseminate information to staff about the MLS program advantages.  The MLS program is a master’s degree program with an interdisciplinary foundation which allows you to design your own master’s program.   This type of program helps students to broaden their focus and add “more tools to their toolbox.”  The MLS degree program offers more support for students and is also supportive in thesis development.  Brochures are available as well as an internet web page.  You may reach the webpage at  Everyone is invited to their Open House on June 24th at 6:00 p.m.

Sunshine Basket/Cards – Lesley Deal

Lesley noted that she had received an email from Kim Draughn noting that custodian Jo Lord had surgery.  The SC will collect small gifts and treats for a sunshine basket for Jo.  Donations may be taken to Mary Ann Braden’s office until February 24.   Get-Well cards were signed by SC members for Sam Asberry (having surgery), Jo Lord (recovering from surgery), and officer Wayne Crumpton.  A sympathy card was taken to the funeral home for Berba Finley and her family, upon the loss of her son, William Finley.

With no further business or announcements, the meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Deal

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