Monthly Meeting - 12/16/2008


12/16/08 - 10:30 A.M. - LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM #230

Attending:  Mary Ann Braden, Angie Clark, Lesley Deal, Angela Farnsley, Linda Haskins, Regina McCarty, Angie Moon, Connie Schnieders, Loretta Seals, Lisa Stark, Leslie Turner, Alice Watson, Kim Wells, and Mary Ann Wild.

Excused Absences:  Charlotte Dubois, Cari Edwards, Diane Fuchs, Ethel King, and Cynthia Stevenson.

Unexcused Absence:  Diana Holman, Stephen Miller, and Debra Voyles

Chairman Alice Watson called the meeting to order welcoming those attending.  Mary Ann Wild presented the Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Wild reported that the CD rolled over at the same percentage rate.  See detail of the Treasurer’s report below. 

Treasurer's Report

Period Ending: 11/30/08

Regular Checking Account

Beginning Balance:

Check #470 – Charlotte Dubois (Supplies-Silent Auction)

Check #471 – IU Conf. & Catering (Coffee/Cider Silent Auction)

Check #472 – Mary Ann Braden (Birthday Bag supplies)

Deposits (Silent Auction):

Ending Balance








Regular Savings Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.65

Ending Balance          




Honorarium Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.24

Ending Balance:





Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $1.72

Ending Balance:




Grand Total



By-Laws Committee – Connie Schnieders

Sgt.-at-Arms Schnieders reported that the committee has met and begun discussing needed changes to the by-laws.  The process may take several months to complete.

Budget Committee – Alice Watson

The Budget Committee is a very important committee of the Staff Council.  President Watson asked Mary Ann Wild to chair the committee.  Treasurer Wild agreed.  The committee members are Alice Watson, Leslie Turner, Lesley Deal, Mary Ann Braden and Loretta Seals. 


Website Changes – Lesley Deal

The changes to the website that had been requested have been completed.  The link to register for the free Barnes and Noble gift certificate is operational. 

New Employees Reception – Leslie Turner

The brochures are completed and printed.  Copies of a list of new employees were distributed to each member.  Leslie will check with HR after the first of the year to see if any more have been added.  Leslie asked all SC members to personally invite those new employees on the list when we interact with them.

Candy-making Class – Lisa Stark

Lisa noted that the class has been cancelled due to health issues of the instructor.  A class may be held in the spring.  Lisa will keep us updated.


Importance of Standing Committees – Alice Watson

President Watson reiterated the importance of staffing the Standing Committees of the Staff Council.  The four standing committees are:

        Election Committee – This committee conducts the election of SC members and officers.  The current committee members are:  Lesley Deal, Diane Fuchs, Regina McCarty and Connie Schnieders.

        By-Laws Committee – This committee reviews the by-laws and makes recommendations to the SC for needed changes.  The current committee members are:  Lesley Deal, Diane Fuchs, Regina McCarty and Connie Schnieders.

        Nominating Committee – This committee recommends nominees to serve on University committees and selects members of standing committees.

        Personal Affairs Committee – This committee interacts with HR in areas of mutual concern such as: fringe benefits, staff recognition, basic employment opportunities at IUS and will represent areas of interest of staff members to HR.  Leslie Turner, Kim Wells, Angie Clark, Lisa Stark and Angie Moon volunteered to serve on the Personal Affairs Committee.

President Watson asked if the SC believes we should retain the Nominating Committee since the method of choosing university committee members has changed.  President Watson and Regina McCarty volunteered to speak to the Chancellor about this issue and report to the SC.

President Watson will notify Ann Lee that the Personal Affairs Committee is active and give Ms. Lee the names of the committee members.  These Committees should meet and select a chair.

Honorarium Awards

The current committee consisting of Mary Ann Braden, Regina McCarty and Kim Wells will take applications and select recipient(s) for award in January.

Staff Assistance – Mary Ann Wild

One person applied for assistance due to medical problems including upcoming surgery and financial hardships.  After discussion, a motion was made and seconded (Angie Moon/Kim Wells) to award $200.00 to the staff member in the form of an IU Credit Union gift card. The motion passed unanimously.  Mary Ann Wild will contact the recipient to make arrangements to get the card.

Executive Council Meeting Report – Alice Watson

There was a lot of discussion regarding the salaries, especially for the bi-weekly staff.  It is expected to be a difficult year with the current economy.  Further discussions will be held in every area.  Chancellor Patterson-Randles plans to meet with Staff Council to discuss the budget.


Holiday Goodie Mugs – Snowflake mugs were assembled and taken for delivery by SC members.  Thanks to all attending for your hard work.

Thanks to everyone who shared refreshments today with your fellow SC members.


The next meeting will be a New Employee Reception with a shortened business meeting following.  The meeting will be held on January 20 in the Multipurpose room UC122 at 10:00 a.m.  A short presentation will be made to those attending and refreshments will be served.

With no further business or announcements, the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Deal

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