Monthly Meeting - 10/16/2007


10/16/07 - 10:00 A.M. - LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM #230

Attending:  Connie Schneiders, Mary Ann Braden, Diane E. Fuchs, Charlotte Dubois,

Leslie Turner, Kim Draughn, Linda Haskins, Loretta Seals, Lisa Stark, Ethel King, Cari Edwards, Angela Farnsley, Regina McCarty, Diana Holman, Mary Ann Wild, Kim Wells, and Lesley Deal

Excused absence:  Angie Clark, Alice Watson, and Cynthia Stevenson, Stephen Miller, Debra Voyles.

Unexcused Absence:  None

President Diane Fuchs introduced Brittany Hubbard to speak on Core Values before the start of the business meeting.

Ms. Hubbard defined Core Values as authentic guiding principles that define who we are as a university and what we stand for as an institution.  She presented each attendee with a Core Values Brainstorming Session Results sheet and a Core Values leaflet.  During the 23 sessions held to identify core values, 219 values were mentioned.  The four values under which each of the over 200 original values were categorized were:  Nurturing Environment, Holistic Learning, Integrity, and Connectedness.  A copy of the Core Values leaflet and Result Sheet will be placed with the minutes.  Thanks to Brittany for sharing these results with Staff Council.

Mary Ann Wild provided the Treasurer=s Report.  See detail below.


Treasurer=s Report


Period Ending: 9/30/07


Regular Checking Account

Withdrawal:  $13.42 - Cari Jackson - Birthday Bags

                      $12.53 - Trudy Walter - Birthday Bags

                      $125.00 - IU Conf. & Catering - Ice Cream Social








Regular Savings Account

Deposit: $.65





Honorarium Account

Deposit: $.24








Deposit: $2.31








A motion was made and seconded (Kim Wells/Ethel King) to renew the current Certificate of Deposit.  The motion passed unanimously.

Silent Auction - November 13, 2007 - 9:00 a.m-3:00p.m.

Charlotte Dubois reported that she has the poster for the Silent Auction ready and will email it to all members of the Staff Council.  Please make copies and post them in your areas.  Mary Ann Wild reported that we auctioned 63 items last year for a total of $1493.  At the present time we are far short of that number and need auction items.  Ideas for baskets and those to solicit them were offered.  Mary Ann Wild will check with the IUS Bookstore to use a window to advertise the event.  The committee will meet to iron out details in the near future.  A motion was made and seconded (Diana Holman/Diane Fuchs) to enable Mary Ann Wild to purchase a large item for the auction with Staff Council funds at her discretion.  The motion passed unanimously.  It was noted that all items donated should be valued with a suggested selling price to help those setting up the auction.

Staff Holiday Assistance

Diane Fuchs asked the Council if anyone had been approached for assistance.  No persons have asked for assistance at this time.  An announcement will be sent by Diane to all staff.

Food Drive/Angel Tree

The consensus of the Council is to have a food drive in the springtime when not so many organizations are collecting food for the needy.  With our current bank balances and the proceeds from the Silent Auction coming soon, the consensus of the Council is to give both AHoliday Goodie Bags@ to all CL, SM, and TE staff members and Angel Tree Gift(s).  Regina McCarty, Diana Holman and Lisa Stark will coordinate AGoodie Bags@ and Cari Edwards will coordinate with the IUS Volunteer Center on the Angel Tree Gift(s).

Diane Fuchs reported that she attended both CBAG (Budgetary) and Campus Executive Council. She noted that she had sent out highlights of both meetings on email to all Staff Council members and that she has the minutes of both meetings for anyone wishing to read them.

The Blue Ribbon Committee on Salaries is being formed by Chancellor Patterson-Randles.  Guidelines for nominations for faculty have been given by the Chancellor, however staff  nomination guidelines for the committee are as yet unknown to the staff.  Council members have questions regarding the number of staff involved on this committee as well as other concerns.  

Lesley Deal will be attending the Faculty Senate Thursday, October 18, for Kathleen Norvell who will be at the Inauguration of the President in Bloomington.

With no further business presented, the meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Congratulations to Paula Skelley, winner of the Buffalo Madison Gift Certificate.

NEXT STAFF COUNCIL MEETING:  November 20, 2007, 10:00 a.m., Library Building -

Room 230.

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