Monthly Meeting - 02/20/2007


2/20/07 – 10:00 A.M – MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM

AttendingMary Ann Wild, Kim Draughn, Kim Wells, Steven Clark, Angie Clark, Charlotte Dubois, Lisa Ruddell, Teresa Andrews, Kathleen Norvell for Lesley Deal, Trudy Walter and Diane Fuchs

Excused AbsenceJohn Jarboe, Loretta Seals, Connie Schnieders, Ethel King, Donna Harvey, Leslie Deal, Regina McCarty 

Unexcused Absence:   None

Treasurer's Report

Period Ending:  1/31/07

Regular Checking Account

Withdrawal – Nance's – Flowers for P. Loebig - $67.84

Withdrawal – Book Honorarium – N. Schweitzer - $50

Withdrawal – Scholarship – C. Schnieders - $150


Regular Savings Account

Deposit - $.66


Honorarium Account

Deposit - $.24



Deposit - $2.31




Welcome to our guest speaker – Heather Hampton – Affirmative Action Officer and Educator.  Heather's office number is #231 and located in the same general area as the Human Resources Office.  Her extension number is #2306.  The purpose of her visit was to meet the Staff Council members and explain the new role of diversity on campus.  The approach to diversity will be a coordinated effort between Dr. Sheying Chen, Campus Life Director and Heather.  Duties and responsibilities will be distributed among the group.  Heather's focus will be on staff development/training.  A new Diversity website will be launched soon.  Heather's e-mail address is  Suggestions are welcome and are unanimous.  

Mary Ann Wild reported that Denise Townsend declined the $50.00 she received for the Spring 2007 Book Honorarium.  For the record, the Spring 2007 Staff Council Scholarship Awards were as follows:  $150.00 Scholarship to Connie Schnieders and $50.00 Book Honorarium to Nola Schweitzer. 

C-Bag meeting – budget process talks continue.  Please contact Steven Clark with any questions or concerns.

We have received the green light to start planning for the next Staff Council Silent Auction which will be held in November of 2007.  At the next Staff Council meeting, a committee will be elected.

Steven Clark and Charlotte Dubois volunteered to coordinate efforts to provide all Clerical, Technical and Service Maintenance employees with a St. Patrick's Day treat courtesy of Staff Council. 

Steven Clark reported that two items were discussed at the Chancellor's Executive Council meeting.  The items are listed below.

The first item is the establishment of a "2-1-1" phone number through Metro United Way.  The mission of "2-1-1" is to connect people with needed services and volunteer opportunities.  One call gives access to resources across the community, no more wasted time trying to find the right resources and is a confidential call.  Attached is more detailed information on this service.

The second item deals with the issue of the smoking policy on campus.  Effective July 1, 2007, the campus will be smoke free.  A kick-off campaign will be forthcoming.

Steven Clark reported that he has received a thank you card and will distribute.

This month's gift certificate winner to Buffalo Madison Coffee was Cindy Hayes.  Congrats!

We have been contacted that the renovations inside the Multi-Purpose Room will begin earlier than expected.  Please note that all the remaining Staff Council Meetings have been rescheduled to meet in the Library Building – Room #230.

NEXT STAFF COUNCIL MEETING:    March 20, 2007 - 10:00 a.m. – Library Building – Room #230.

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