Monthly Meeting - 11/28/2006


11/28/06 – 10:00 A.M – INDIANA ROOM

Attending:  Trudy Walter, Steven Clark, Teresa Andrews, Mary Ann Wild, Regina McCarty, Lisa Ruddell, Loretta Seals, Lesley Deal, Kim Draughn, Kim Wells and Diane Fuchs

Excused Absence:  John Jarboe, Ethel King, Charlotte Dubois, Angie Clark, Donna Harvey   

Unexcused Absence:   None  

Treasurer's Report

Period Ending:  10/31/06

Regular Checking Account

Withdrawals:  $100.00 Lee Bennett

                       $100.00 Karyn Webb

                       $   9.96 Cari Jackson – Birthday Bags


Regular Savings Account

Deposit - $.66


Honorarium Account

Deposit - $.24



Deposit - $1.94




Discussed the Silent Auction held on November 14, 2006.  A total of 63 items were available for the bidding process.  A total of $1,634.00 was collected.  These monies have been temporary placed in the Staff Council checking account.  The associated expenses have not all been submitted at this time.  However, we anticipate expenses to total around $200.00 with an anticipated profit of $1,400.00.  Donna Harvey has volunteered to send out the appropriate thank you letters to donors.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event.  It was a huge success!!

An update on the Executive meeting was tabled till the next Staff Council Meeting.

Steven Clark has volunteered once again to serve on the C-Bag Committee.  He reported that they have held one meeting to date.  The mission of this committee is to focus on campus budgets.  Any budget questions should be directed to Steven Clark for clarification.

Discussed the annual Holiday Staff Financial Assistance program.  Steven Clark volunteered to send out an e-mail with the guidelines and associated application.  Please submit completed applications prior to the next Staff Council meeting on December 12, 2006 in the Library Conference Room - #230.

Discussed the awarding of Staff Council Scholarships for Spring 2007.  Steven Clark volunteered to send out an e-mail regarding the process.

Discussed sending "holiday cheer" to Patti Loebig.  Mary Ann Wild volunteered to coordinate this effort.  Anticipate cost to Staff Council of $60 to $70.00.

Discussed forming a card shower for Karyn Webb.  Trudy Walter volunteered to coordinate this event.  Please contact her for additional information and ways that you can help with this project.

Discussed moving the next Staff Council Meeting a week ahead from what was originally scheduled.  Please change your calendars to attend a Staff Council Meeting on 12/12/06.

Discussed distributing Christmas bags to all SM, Clerical and Technical employees on campus.  We completed this procedure last year.  Regina McCarty volunteered to chair the committee for this event.  Committee members include Theresa Andrews, Trudy Walter and Diane Fuchs.  Lesley Deal made a motion to distribute Christmas bags again this year.  Motion unanimously passed.  Suggested items for bags included:  hot chocolate mix, popcorn, trail mix, chocolate kisses, candy canes, etc.

Discussed Staff Council contributing a donation to the Angel Tree on campus.  Anticipate expense of $50.00.  Lesley Deal made a motion to make the donation.  Motion unanimously passed.  The Angel Tree is designed to help students in need during the holidays.  Application forms are available at the Non Traditional Student Union and in the Adult Student Center.

Discussed Service Maintenance Representatives serving on Staff Council.  Staff Council has always struggled to have an adequate number of representatives on Staff Council.  Lesley Deal suggested an addendum to the bylaws reflecting that if the required representation was not achieved from Service Maintenance, members would be solicited from Clerical and Technical employees to fill the required number of members.  Mary Ann Wild made a motion to add an addendum to the bylaws reflecting this change.  Motion was seconded by Regina McCarty.  Motion unanimously passed.

Connie Schnieders, Custodian on First Shift, has expressed an interest in joining Staff Council.  Steven Clark volunteered to extend an invitation to her to join the group.  Thank you!  Welcome Aboard!

The Bookstore gift certificate winner for the month of Nov. is Kathleen Norvell.  Thanks for reading the Staff Council minutes!  We appreciate your participation.

NEXT STAFF COUNCIL MEETING:        December 12, 2006   10:00 a.m. – Library Conference Room - #230. 

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