Monthly Meeting - 08/18/2009


August 18, 2009 - 10:30 A.M. – LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM 230

Attending:  Donna Harvey, Ethel King, Michael McNeal, Basil Mumaw, Alice Watson, and Mary Ann Wild.

Excused Absences:  Steven Clark, Lesley Deal, Connie Hodge, Carol Kennedy, Regina McCarty, Angie Moon, Connie Schnieders, Loretta Seals, and Kim Wells.

Chairman Alice Watson began the meeting by welcoming all those attending and noting that some of our members were unable to attend due to the activities getting ready for new and returning students and the beginning of the Fall semester.  Insufficient attendance to constitute a quorum prevented transaction of business requiring a vote.  The Council may want to consider scheduling the August 2010 meeting 1 week earlier to avoid this problem.  Mary Ann Wild presented the treasurer’s report.  See detail below:

Treasurer=s Report

Period Ending: 6/30/09

Regular Checking Account

Beginning Balance:

ATM/POS Purchase – Birthday Bags-Sam’s Club – $95.03

Ending Balance

$ 1,576.61



Regular Savings Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.29

Transfer Deposit from Honorarium Account

Ending Balance          





Honorarium Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.03

Transfer of Funds to Regular Savings -$343.58

Ending Balance:




  $    0.00


Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $1.82

Ending Balance:




Grand Total





Ice Cream Social Update – Alice Watson

Alice reported that Chancellor Patterson-Randles granted permission for the Council to bring in goodies for our Ice Cream Social and Silent Auction.  Michael McNeal, Alice Watson, Basil Mumaw and Ethel King volunteered to bring in treats.  Cari Edwards volunteered to man one of the time slots to serve at the Social and Lee Bennett filled in for Angela Walter who was unable to attend.  The Social was a success enjoyed by faculty and students as well as staff persons.

Silent Auction –Michael McNeal

Michael suggested a theme of “Country Days Silent Auction.”  With the Silent Auction date fast approaching (October 20), President Watson and Treasurer Wild noted that it is not too early to start collecting donations now.  Ethel King will bring in 2 baskets and try to get tickets from Holiday World. 

IUS Fall Festival – Donna Harvey noted that the Fall Festival will be held on October 4 from 4 to 8 p.m.  Staff Council could possibly run the ticket book for the balloon ride.  President Watson thought that 2 people working 1 hour segments could handle this task and that the Council would be able to staff the booth.  A final decision will be made at the September meeting.


No report was available


BNCB Gift Certificate – Alice Watson

The winner for the month of July is Leslie Turner.


Congratulations to Council member Steven Clark and his wife, April, on the birth of their son Charles.

With no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ethel King, Vice President

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