Monthly Meeting - 11/17/2009

November 17, 2009 - 10:30 A.M. – LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM 230

Attending:  Steven Clark, Lesley Deal, Carol Kennedy, Regina McCarty, Basil Mumaw, Connie Schnieders, Loretta Seals, Angie Self, Alice Watson, Kim Wells and Mary Ann Wild.

Excused Absences:  Donna Harvey, Connie Hodge and Michael McNeal

Chairman Alice Watson began the meeting by welcoming all those attending.  Mary Ann Wild presented the treasurer’s report.  See detail below:

Treasurer=s Report

Period Ending: 10/31/09

Regular Checking Account
Beginning Balance:
Silent Auction Deposits:
Ending Balance

$ 1,101.58

Regular Savings Account
Beginning Balance:
CD Transfer
Dividend:  $.36
Ending Balance


Beginning Balance:
Dividend:  $1.82
Transfer to Regular Savings Account
Ending Balance:


Grand Total



Nominating Committee  - Basil Mumaw
The committee will meet and report at the December meeting.




Silent Auction Report –Alice Watson
President Watson thanked everyone for their work on the auction and noted that we made $2,502. 

Budget Committee – Mary Ann Wild
Treasurer Wild distributed a proposed budget for 2010.  She noted that with the $182 donation we received from Uric Dufrene’s father’s estate and the proceeds of $2,502 from the silent auction, we have a total of $2,684 for the 2010 budget.    The Budget Committee recommended that we increase the amount for honorarium awards in the budget by $200.00 per year.  A vote will be taken in the December meeting on the full proposed budget for 2010.

We also discussed awarding three $100 book honorariums instead of a larger scholarship honorarium for those enrolled in 6 credit hours and a smaller book honorarium award.  By awarding the 3 book honorarium awards of $100 each, we could eliminate the 6 credit-hour requirement and reach more staff who are enrolled in 3 credit hours.  After discussion, a motion was made and seconded (Regina McCarty/Connie Schnieders) to award three $100 book honorarium awards per semester, and to change the 6 credit-hour requirement for recipients to 3 credit-hours.   The motion passed unanimously.    An announcement will be sent regarding the change in the honorariums to all staff.


Filling of Vacant Staff Council Seat – Alice Watson
In accordance with the by-laws and Ethel King’s retirement, her position on the Staff Council will be filled by the person who received the next highest vote total in the previous election.  Charla Stonecipher has accepted this position.  Welcome Charla.

Election for Vacant Vice-President Position – Alice Watson
An election will be held in the December Staff Council meeting to elect a Vice-President to replace Ethel King who has retired.  Nominations for the position will be accepted only if the person nominated has given his/her permission.

Holiday Treats – Alice Watson
President Watson asked if the Staff Council wished to give holiday treats this year.    Mary Ann Braden has volunteered to prepare the treats.  The consensus of the SC was to give a treat to each CL, SM, and TE staff member.   Treats will be distributed by the SC members after the December meeting. 

Staff Financial Assistance – Alice Watson
Two requests for financial assistance have been received.  After hearing the requests, a motion was made and seconded (Steven Clark/Basil Mumaw) to grant both requests in the amount of $200.00 each.  The motion passed unanimously.

New Employee Reception – Alice Watson
President Watson asked for volunteers for a committee to organize the New Employee Reception in January.  Steven Clark, Angie Self, Alice Watson and Lesley Deal volunteered to serve on the committee.  UC 122 has been reserved for the January 19th reception.  Each SC member is asked to bring a treat to share at the reception.  Steven Clark will check with Diane Fuchs regarding the Power Point presentation, and also volunteered to do the presentation.  Invitations will be sent to new employees hired during 2009.


1.  The winner of the BNCB gift card for October is Paula Skelley.

2.  SC Members - Remember to bring a finger-food snack for the December 15th meeting.

With no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lesley Deal, Secretary

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