Monthly Meeting - 01/19/2010


 January 19, 2010 - 10:00 A.M. – UNIVERSITY CENTER 122


Attending:  Steven Clark, Lesley Deal, Carol Kennedy, Connie Schnieders, Loretta Seals, Angie Self, Charla Stonecipher, and Alice Watson.


Excused Absences:  Donna Harvey, Connie Hodge, Regina McCarty, Michael McNeal, Basil Mumaw, Kim Wells and Mary Ann Wild.


Unexcused Absences:  None



President Alice Watson began the meeting by welcoming all those attending.  After a introducing the Staff Council officers, she asked Steven Clark to give a Power Point presentation explaining the purpose and mission of the Staff Council.  After the presentation, all attendees were asked to enjoy the refreshments and get acquainted with the SC representatives.   Thanks to all of you who attended.


After a time of conversation and refreshments, President Watson began the business meeting and invited any visitors to join in the meeting. In Treasurer Wild's absence, Lesley Deal reported the balances in each account.  See detail below:

Treasurer's Report

Period Ending: 12/31/09

Regular Checking Account

Beginning Balance:

ATM/POS Purchase (Birthday/Christmas Treats)

Paid Check #487

Financial Assistance (Gift Card Trans. #77824)

Gift Card Fee

Ending Balance


$ 2,881.09


$ 2,410.85

Regular Savings Account

Beginning Balance:

Dividend:  $.55

Ending Balance          


$ 2,176.82



$ 2,177.37

Grand Total

$ 4,588.22








A very nice email was received from Becky Litterst thanking the Staff Council for the holiday bag, and for all the hard work that the council does. 




Honorarium Update – Lesley Deal for Kim Wells

Kelly Bowling, Connie Schnieders and Sandy Sweeney each received a $100 book honorarium for the Spring semester.  Congratulations to each recipient.


Staff Financial Assistance – Alice Watson

The Council discussed asking for further information regarding a financial request that had been previously granted.  After discussion, it was the consensus of the Council not to ask for further information at this time.  The previously passed motion (Clark/Self) was upheld to grant the financial assistance in the amount of $200 in the form of a gift card from the IU Credit Union by a vote of 6 yea, 0 nay, and 1 abstention.




A question was posed to the Council as to the rationale for the employee name only being printed on insurance cards.  Is this an IU decision or a local decision?  It was noted that in some situations, having only the staff person’s name on the card was embarrassing and awkward for spouses/partners.  Steven Clark on behalf of the Staff Council Personnel Affairs Committee will contact Human Resources regarding these questions. 


Another issue raised regarded the Staff Council approaching TARC to ask for possible discounts on bus fares for IU staff/students.  Alice Watson will contact Melissa Hill, who handles the list of businesses who give student/staff discounts, for information.




The winner of the BNCB gift card for reading the December minutes is Sandy Sweeney.


With no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m. 


Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Deal, Secretary

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